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Absolute Machinery

Absolute Machinery was innitially founded in June 2000 as a regional supplier of new machinery and equipment. The company soon recognized that a great majority of customers had needs that could not be met solely through the purchase of new equipment ofter due to the price restrictions, delivery lead time and/or production processes that required specific types of equipment no longer manufactured.

Utilitizing vast connections in the plastic molding industryand expanding its relationships with financial institutions and auction houses, Absolute Machinery buys, brokers and sells used plastic injection molding, extrusion. blow molding, and auxiliary equipment to customers seeking those same machines.

Unlike much of its competition, Absolute Machinery has an in-house staff of technicians that quality its used inventory prior to shipment to help ensure that purchases can be placed into production quickly.

This unique cabability gives Absolute's customers piece of mind knowing that their used injection molding machinery and auxiliary plastics equipment will provide them reliable production for years to come.  Technicians are also available for both phone support and on-site visits as required. Absolute Machinery strives to provide superior service with a primary focus on the sucess of its customers.

You can visit the Absolute Machinery Website here.