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Soph offers the most comprehensive package of magnetic solutions for workholding, mold and die clamping and material handling. Starting the business in 1998, until now Soph owns the trademarks and business of Brisc, Magbo and Helmoltz which is for workholding, mold and die clamping and material handling respectively.Founded in Hanburg Germany, after years of developmen, Soph now has branches in Brighton Michigan USA and Shanghai China.

By installing one of the largest finished product inventories and training highly skilled service and sales engineers, Soph has created a substantial reference base in Europe, North America and Far east in a relatively short time. Our ability to provide immediate technical answers, immediate service, custom design, OEM specific products and product lines keeps us ahead of the curve.

With creative problem solving and application specific solutions, Soph is considered to be one of the finest sources for magnetic solutions available. we dedicated to provide the best product with the best performance to match each application. By using customer input we are able to provide tailor made solutions using standardized products to create unmatched value in substantially shorter market cycles.

Call us today for Magnetic Platens for Injection Molding Machinery. Work Holding Magnets for Machining, Lifting Magnets.