Caython Plastics Machinery

Manufactures' Representatives Supplying World Class Equipment and Solutions


Extruders Single Screw, Co-Extruders, Medical, Fluorocarbon, Vertical, Jockey pullers Belt, Heavy Duty Caterpillar Pullers, Puller/Cutter Combination Saws Servo Driven Saws, Servo Rotary Cutters, Automatic Saws, Guillotines Turnkey Systems Die Heads, Systems, Smart Controls, Ethernet Communications Water Cooling Baths, Vacuum Calibration, Multi Purpose Baths, Dry Baths, Winders Auto Winders, Semi-Automatic Winders, Fly Wheel Cutters.

Munchy Pelletizers, Plastics Turnkey Recycling Systems, Shredders, up to 2,750 lbs./hr. for Film, Start-up Scrap, Purgings, Fabrics, Bags, Fibers, Tapes, Ropes.


Industrial Tower and Chilled Water Systems Engineered Systems, Open and Closed Loop Cooling Tower Systems, Water Cooled and Air Cooled Chilled Water Systems, Industrial HVAC, Process Fluid Heating Units, Variable Frequency Drives, “Free Cooling” Economizers, Turn-Key Installation and Piping.


Parts Handling Solutions: Industrial Conveyors of All-Types, Cooling Conveyors, Water Conveyors, Parts Separators, Carton Indexing Systems, Regrind Screeners, Anti-Static Ion Blowers.


Plastics Auxiliaries, Dryers, Loaders, Cooling Towers, Central Tower Water Systems, Central Chiller Systems, Industrial HVAC


Full-Length Relining of Barrels, New Barrels, Custom-Designed Screws, Mixing Screws and Barrier Screws, Screw Rebuilding, Injection Unit Upsizing and Downsizing, Marbleizing Conversions, End Caps and Valves, Eagle Mixing Nozzle.